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    February 29, 2012 by admin

    All This, And Heaven Too is at its best when the gang are singing Dick DeBenedictis
    and Bill Dyer’s songs, whether accompanied by flashing lights and a disco mirror
    ball, or touchingly advising Blane to “remember your legacy.” “Gay Caballeros,”
    sung by Carmen Miranda-garbed Juan backed by the rest of the gang, is a
    special treat, featuring such lyrics as “We’re not gay, we’re doing things the Latin
    way,” and “In Mexico they’re not gay, it’s just tequila that keeps them that way.”
    “Back in the Good Old Days” is a vaudeville-style show-stopper performed by
    Michael and Terry complete with canes (though minus top hats). “Back in the
    dark ages,” they sing, “we dared not speak its name. We figured out pronto, the
    Lone Ranger and Tonto.”