The Other Side

Bill Dyer Performs at “The Other Side” in Los Angeles

Museum of Animals Interview of Bill Dyer 

The Museum of Animals first oral history featured Bill Dyer, Regional Director for In Defense of Animals, in January 2013 in Venice, CA. Watch  the very moving taped oral history conducted by historian Kirby Pringle.


At The Zoo

IDA’s Bill Dyer teams up with Mark Lennon of the band Venice and Producer Patty Shenker to create this brilliantly poignant music video about life in the zoo.


They Don’t Wanna Be in Show Business

The amazing Jo Anne Worley, of Laugh-In fame, sings her heart out for the elephants in this original song by Bill Dyer.


Be A Guardian

Music Video by Bill Dyer and IDA featuring animals and celebrities including Darryl Hannah, Jorja Fox, Charlotte Ross, Gretchen Wyler, and Persia White. The message? Animals are NOT property. All Animals ask is that you “Be a Guardian!”


Lifetime Achievement Award for Bill Dyer

In Defense of Animals gave Bill Dyer the Lifetime Achievement Award at their Guardian Awards Event in 2009.


Going Home

With the help of Bill Dyer and IDA, dozens of Bison were left behind after being used for a film that was shooting on Catalina Island. They began to reproduce and the population was getting too large to manage or sustain itself. In Defense of Animals worked with locals and came up with a humane solution to the problem. They gave the animals birth control shots and helped saved lives.



A Song about Billy the Elephant. By Bill Dyer.


Animals Of Katrina

A Song about the Animals of Katrina and IDA’s efforts to help.

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